Vizual Edge Performance Trainer™

The Visual Fitness Institute created the Vizual Edge Performance Trainer ™ (patented).

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Vizual Edge Performance Trainer™ contains a series of exercises, which measure your visual skills and offer training recommendations. After creating a baseline score, your visual skills are tested, trained and perfected, improving hand-eye-body coordination.

Vizual Edge Performance Trainer™ offers you personalized visual performance exercises in a convenient, easy-to-use program. VFI has trained thousands of amateur, olympic and professional athletes over the past ten years, and has collaborated with the Vizual Edge Corporation to produce this training product.

Like weight training for the eyes, Vizual Edge Performance Trainer™ builds both strength and endurance through regular use. It can be used effectively both on- and off-season, and in the privacy of an athlete's home or training facility. While these skills are interrelated, we try to separate each one.

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Visit our Vizual Edge website for more information on acquiring your own visual perfomance exercise system.

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