Visual Fitness Institute (VFI): Testing, training, and improving athletes' visual skill levels through the use of the most technologically advanced vision training techniques and equipment. Only a few facilities like VFI exist in this country.

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About VFI

The Visual Fitness Institute (VFI) founded in 1989, with the objective of testing, training, and improving athletes' visual skill levels through the use of the most technologically advanced vision training techniques and equipment. Only a few facilities like VFI exist in this country.

Athletes love technology. They're eager to try new products and new techniques. Athletes, coaches and trainers, have long recognized the benefits of good nutrition, aerobic conditioning, weight training, and quality equipment, until recently, very few understood the importance of visual skill training. Today, no athlete who strives for excellence can ignore the visual system as a vital component of his or her training.

About Vision Performance

There can be no doubt that an athlete's visual skills (good or bad) have a significant impact (positive or negative) on their performance. And, the more time we spend working with world class athletes, the more impressed we are with our findings.

We have demonstrated that visual skills like all physical skills--can be taught, trained, practiced and perfected or enhanced. We're not talking just 20/20 eyesight, which is essential. A batter can be 20/20 in the eye doctor's chair, and 0 for 20 at the plate. Most players are similar in size, speed, and conditioning and have all learned the basic techniques, but we have found one of the critical differences between athletes are their visual skills and visual abilities. Chances are that every athlete can improve in one or more visual skill areas, i.e. dynamic visual acuity, visual recognition skills, depth perception, tracking or focusing abilities or even eyesight.

The information gained from visual skill assessments has value in the overall development of a player's potential. The recommendations we provide; eyesight improvement, sports lens tint recommendations, or visual skill training, will impact their performance.

Vision is the key to victory in all sports, and vision performance exercises will become an integral part of athletic training in the near future.

These same skills are essential in reading. It is common for athletes who undergo vision training to report improvement in reading and concentration.

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Visual Fitness Performance Program®

The VFI Visual Fitness Performance Program ® has been designed to provide visual skills assessments and training for universities, Olympic and professional teams. Using the Visual Fitness Institute's testing protocol, each athlete's visual motor skills are measured and recorded. If appropriate, Visual Fitness designs a personalized vision-training program for each athlete. Typically, the facility has purchased vision-training equipment and has designated a staff member who is educated on how to deliver training sessions. The program allows for existing relationships with local eye care practitioners to remain in place and is tailored to the specific needs and logistics of each organization.

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Vision Screening Program for Team Scouts™

This program provides baseball, football, and hockey scouts with the education, support, and equipment to perform visual skills screening. The information obtained will serve a role in the evaluation of player potential.

Typically, a scout's role is to determine a player's potential from a thorough evaluation of athletic skills and on field performance. One of the physical characteristics that has been difficult to assess in the past is the visual system. An athlete's visual system plays an important role in how well he/she performs. Many players are similar in size, speed, motivation, and conditioning and they have practiced the basic sport specific techniques. However, one of the critical factors that determine athletic success or failure is visual information. If the visual input is inaccurate the result will be a decreased performance level.

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