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The Vision Performance Center at Georgia Tech

The Vision Performance Center at Georgia Tech opened in January 2000. This unique facility is housed in the Homer Rice Center for Sports Performance on the Georgia Tech campus.

Olympic Inspiration

The Visual Performance Program and techniques implemented at the Center were designed by Dr. Barry L. Seiller, M.D., Ophthalmologist, and Director of the Visual Fitness Institute. Georgia Tech became interested in obtaining a program for their student athletes after their staff had the opportunity to visit the Olympic Vision Center during the 1996 Summer Games.

Because of Dr. Seiller's involvement in the first vision center in Albertville France, the GT staff invited Dr. Seiller, to spearhead its development. After two years of planning and with the support of Assistant Athletic Director Larry New, the center opened with financial support provided by the Ciba Vision Corporation.

Student Athletes Eligible for Vision Training

"At Tech we are fortunate to have this technology available for our players," says Head Baseball Coach Danny Hall about the Center. Proud of this achievement, a visit to the campus typically includes a tour of the Vision Center which has also provided a recruiting edge for Tech. Under the guidance of Joe Gandolfo, Director of Sportsvision on the GT campus, the Visual Performance Program is the most utilized voluntary program at the Homer Rice Center.

Every incoming freshman and transfer student athlete from every sport is evaluated in the fall or spring semester. They undergo an eyesight test by a local optometrist and are fit with complementary Ciba contact lenses, when appropriate. Each athlete receives a complete visual skills analysis by Dr. Seiller and his Visual Fitness Institute staff. The visual skills analysis is performed using high tech computerized and specific instruments designed to evaluate eye/hand/body coordination-reaction time, visual tracking, kinetic vision, binocular eye movements, and depth perception.

Athletic and Academic Improvement

The student athletes are then eligible to enroll in the vision performance training program. The athletes typically train for about 20 minutes weekly for approximately 12 weeks. Assistant Coach Bobby Moranda, who recently joined Coach Hall's staff, regularly visits the center to monitor the training of his players. A recent survey of the athletes who completed the program showed a 77% improvement in athletic performance and is 83% improvement in academic performance. This is not unexpected, since this type of training was originally developed for children with reading disorders.

Coaches, Athletic Directors, or training staff that would like to tour the Vision Center should contact the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. Recruits interested in enrolling at Tech are frequently taken through the center as part of their tour of the campus.

Athletes in all scholastic sports are candidates for enrollment:

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Track and Field
  • Softball
  • Swimming and Diving
  • Cheerleading

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